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  • Over 700 extensions

    We offer one of the largest lists of extensions, and more are added every week.
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  • 5 email mailboxes

    Unlimited email forwarding and aliases

  • Whois privacy

    Free protection of domain contact information with compatible registries

  • Unlimited support

    We have a global presence, and support near you.

  • DNS management

    A globally-distributed architecture and real-time modifications.


    Available for the most popular extensions, as well as an increasing number of new ones.

  • Detailed documentation

    Guides, tutorials, and videos to help you get started and learn more.

  • Easy to use

    Quickly and easily connect your domain to your favorite service.

  • Multi-device support

    You can manage your products from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Since 1999

Gandi operates from 3 continents, with a team of over 120 employees distributed among our Paris, Luxembourg, San Francisco, and Taipei locations. We manage nearly 2M domain names, and over 150k sites and applications, all without spending a cent on advertisement.

  • No Bullshit since 1999

    No Bullshit™ is our trademark and we work hard to offer a transparent and reliable service that is worthy of your trust.

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    We're proud to support projects that we believe in because the Internet is what we all make of it.

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    Gandi is up 24/6. around the world and is ready to help you via multiple channels so don't hesitate!

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