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As a Gandi reseller, you can register and manage domains on behalf of your customers

True to our values, our reseller accounts are free of charge and highly functional, with the same rates and prices as any account type as well as some benefits that resellers will find especially useful. If you're interested in a reseller account, its benefits, or how it works, read on, or see our reseller documentation. If you have specific needs or questions, get in touch.

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Volume-based pricing

We offer all customers the benefits of volume pricing, but being a reseller lets you accumulate these volumes quickly, since you are billed for all the purchases made by your customers. If you know you are going to be registering a lot of domains with us, let us know what you are planning! We are open to setting up volume pricing that works for you and for us, and can help you get the most from your reseller account.


We offer a powerful API, free to paying customers of all types, enabling full integration and automation of your or your customers' purchasing experience. For details and examples, please see the API documentation.


Our reseller interface is similar to that of a regular Gandi company account, but includes extra features that let you manage the contact data, domains, and web sites for customer handles you create. You can even customize the notifications that are automatically sent to your customers, "release" handles or domains that are in your reseller portfolio, and manage bulk transfers of domains with a specialized tool. All of these functions are available via the API, so you can automate as much as you like.


As a reseller, you have access to telephone support, online chat, and priority email support.


Gandi offers multiple billing options (bank transfer, pre-paid accounts, monthly invoices, automatic credit card debiting, etc.)

Reseller accounts are free and without commitment

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