An offer that can be tailored to your needs

2 Standard mailboxes included, addition of new email mailboxes in 1 click.

Professional management of your email mailboxes

Server-side rules, real-time synchronization, anti-spam, etc.

Additional tools for you to use

Address book, calendar, out-of-office reply, available as desktop and mobile versions.

Our mail offer

We manage over 650,000 email addresses, why not yours?

  • 2 standard mailboxes included

    With each domain you buy or transfer in, you get 2 free mailboxes included.

  • Unlimited forwarding addresses

    Creation of an email address that forwards to an external email account.

  • Easy to access

    Webmail accessible from your computer, cell phone, and tablet, includes shared calendars, to-do lists, and address books.

  • One-click management

    Offer without commitment, addition and deletion of mailboxes in 1 click.

  • Advanced rules and filters

    Server-side filter management rules (Sieve).