Coder 開發給 coder 使用的工具。No Bullshit.™

透過我們由 coder 設計給 coder 使用的開發者工具,您可以強化應用程式、雲端基礎設施、企業服務及提高每日的生產力。

  • 強大的命令列介面,歡迎您的貢獻
  • 供產品和帳號管理使用的全功能 API
  • 使用熱門的程式語言及工具來簡化您應用程式的佈署
  • 自 2008 年起,我們的虛擬伺服器即具備完整的擴充性
  • 持續增加的線上文件與教學指南
  • 由真人提供您有效的協助


CLI: Gandi in a (nut)shell

The full power of Gandi from the command line. Gandi CLI is a free tool that enables you to control and purchase Gandi resources such as domains, email accounts, certificates, instances and servers from the shell. You can also use Gandi CLI's modules in your Python programs to integrate your apps with Gandi.

Visit the Gandi CLI website to install and learn more.

Battle-hardened and full-featured API

Build applications and business services by accessing all of Gandi's features on our API. Gandi API is a major building block of our resellers' cloud infrastructures and a powerful tool for prototyping or integrating complex architectures. It is also the backbone of free tools published by Gandi (such as Gandi CLI) or our user community. With it, you can manage (purchase, create, delete, etc.) domains, DNS zones, email accounts, certificates, instances, servers, user accounts and more.

Check out the docs of our XML API, including code snippets in popular languages to help you get started.

Simple app deployment with the tools you love

Deploy your web apps to Simple Hosting instances using familiar tools and scale them from prototype to world-class projects. Choose your favorite language, database type and needed disk size and deploy your app with Git and SSH right from the command line or your favorite IDE. Our platform handles all the load so you can focus on your code.

Learn more about Simple Hosting and deploy an app today.

Full server and cloud scalability

Gandi Hosting offers you incredible power to run your own servers and build your cloud. Create and destroy VM's in seconds, add or remove CPU cores, memory, storage and network interfaces in real time, without the need to reboot. Wire your servers together in private vlans and connect them to our home-cooked Web Accelerator / Load Balancers to handle millions of requests.

Discover Gandi Hosting and spawn a machine in seconds.


Learn how to use our products and platform in new ways to push your projects further. We do our best to document every aspect of our offering. We produce tutorials to make it easy for you to try new things and execute complicated or boilerplate actions. We also publish reference material in great technical detail to help deepen your knowledge of specific or popular use cases and our platform and practices.

Dive into Gandi Wiki and learn how to do what you need.


Our support, ops and dev teams are easy to contact and will help you in every way possible. You can choose your preferred channel on our Support page or join #gandi-hosting on Freenode where some our staff and users hang out.

Gandi also offers direct support to projects and companies that, like us, choose to approach our jobs with an alternative attitude.

See some of the projects we support and learn how to contact us if you think we can help your project.