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Accreditation: Gandi has been accredited by DK Hostmaster since October 2010.
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Terms and Conditions

Assigning: .DK domains are open to everyone
Syntax: from 1 to 63 alphanumeric characters or a hyphen (excluding in the first and last place)
IDN (accented domain names): yes
Registration period: 1 year
Third-level domains: no
Private domain registration: yes, available at the registry level under some conditions, for natural persons


Technical requirements: your registration application must specify at least 2 DNS approved by the registry (fill out this and correctly configured for the domain name, according to the registry's "zonecheck" (approved DNS)
Registration: if you are a legal person, during your registration request you must provide:
- your CVR number if you are located in Denmark,
- your VAT number for other persons
Verification procedure: the Registry verifies the personal contact information of contacts associated to .DK domain names:
- for persons in Denmark: the Registry verifies your information with the information in the Danish Civil Registration Register (CPR-register) for individuals or in the Danish Central Business Register (CVR-register) for legal persons,
- for persons outside Denmark: the Registry carries out the validation process by sending you a letter to the address you have provided during your registration request.
If the Registry fails to validate your information, the Registry will delete your domain name.
Activation: the Registry sends you an email that allows you to activate your domain name. To do this, please log you on the Registry website
Renewal: no later than 26 days before the expiration date
Disputes: Complaints Board on the registry's website, print and sign it, then send it to the registry by postal mail, fax or email. Then, please contact our customer service department to finalize the owner change
Deletion process: the domain is released to the registry 25 days before the expiration date, no redemption period, no restore. See this table
Registration period1 year max. Register a .dk
Renewal period1 year max. Renew a .dk
Late renewal period
(domain suspended)
Restoration periodN/A Special procedure: please contact support.
Period before release
(Pending Delete)
Minimum period before a transfer60 days Transfer a .dk

Gandi provides you with special rates depending on the total volume of purchases that you have made with us over the past 12 months. For example:

  • If you manage 40 domains or less (at $15 USD each), our A rates apply, and include Gandi's full range of services
  • For resellers or key clients with over 40 domains, B through E rates are available, depending on the volume of your purchase. These rates may save you up to 50% off our normal rates (example: $8.80 per year for a .com at E rates).

If you have more questions about our rates and billing options, please check our documentation.

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