Packed with business solutions.

Gandi Corporate services offer powerful tools for businesses.

All our product offerings are packed with value-added services for businesses of all sizes. We also offer Gandi Corporate services, designed to help you effectively meet the challenges of managing your domain name portfolio by leveraging our expertise.

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One of the most comprehensive domain name offers in the world

With over 400 extensions extensions offered to the general public, Gandi‘s Corporate Service gives you access to 129 additional extensions, which makes our portfolio one of the most comprehensive domain name catalogs in the world.

Extensive domain name portfolio management expertise

Being a Gandi Corporate customer gives you access to our Corporate support team, all of whom are experts in the domain name management. Established as one of the first registrars accredited with ICANN in Europe, Gandi was created in 1999 and today manages nearly two million domains, with over 600 TLDs for customers of all sizes around the globe. Also a pioneer in the virtualization market since 2008, Gandi is also ready to offer high quality hosting services to organizations that need it.

Multi-channel customer and technical support

Gandi works with customers all over the world. Our teams operate out of four offices in Paris (France), Bissen (Luxembourg), San Francisco (US), and Taipei (Taiwan). Gandi Corporate customers gain access to our team of specialists through all communication channels, and our individually tailored services may include assignment of a dedicated account manager and support specialist.

Special billing options

Every business requires different capabilities from its providers. Gandi supports a variety of billing mechanisms, and continues to add more. The Gandi Corporate subscription pack has a range of "à la carte" billing options that you can pick from to best fit your needs. Special volume pricing is also available to Gandi Corporate customers. Contact our team if you are looking for help with large or special projects. Gandi is uniquely transparent and open, giving our customers the opportunity to pay normal registration fees, and order pay-as-you-go services as needed, without exorbitant renewal costs every year.

Long-term domain name management

Once your domain name is in your account, you will be able to manage and renew the domains you register with Corporate-reserved extensions, even after your Gandi Corporate subscription expires. You will not be able to buy new domain names in these extensions however, until you renew your subscription.

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Subscribe to Corporate services for a monthly, quarterly, or annual period to gain access to the full Gandi Corporate service pack. With the pack, you'll be able to purchase domains in restricted TLDs, and set up your optional "à la carte" services with our team. We will help you migrate your domain portfolio, consolidate your domain ownership, and manage your brands online.

  • Optional "à la carte" services Order any or all of these options
  • Access to 129 additional extensions As well as the 400+ TLDs available to all Gandi customers
  • Access to our Corporate Services team Account monitoring and proactive error management

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